Tricks of the Trade Show 101

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Tricks of the Trade Show 101

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How to get your booth to your trade show destination intact and on time.

You have arrived! Or have you? Trade show season for many is upon us. Here are some pointers to ensure your special cargo is delivered, so that you are ready to roll.

Do make your crates and cartons stand out on the show floor. All wooden crates ARE created equal – equally dull and without a distinctive color. To avoid a misplaced crate on the show floor identify yours with wording and even painting it a standout color.

Do pre-print a complete set of address labels and booth number labels for both the inbound andthe outbound shipping of your show.

forget emergency contact numbers. This allows your freight forwarder to be able to contact you at any time in order to make any necessary changes and/or authorizations.

Here’s to your best show ever! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks of the trade show coming at you soon…

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